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Plugin Name Demo URL Source Code Description
Additional Features
[New!] Frame Preview Demo Github Azure Media Player (AMP) plugin for timeline rendering of video keyframe image sprites.
AMP360Video Demo Github The plugin lets you visualize 360 video in Amp either on your desktop or in VR compatible devices. The full documentation is available here:
Sprite Tip Demo Github Azure Media Player (AMP) plugin for timeline rendering of a video thumbnail image sprite that is generated from Azure Media Services (AMS) Media Encoder Standard (MES).
Diagnostics Overlay Demo Github This plugin displays: All key parameters, stats of video, all events in the video playback lifecycle, and DRM protection info, such as key ID, license acquisition URLs, if protected.
Frame rate and Timecode calculator Demo Github This plugin calculates the frame rate of video based on the tfhd/trun MP4 boxes of the first MPEG-DASH video fragment, parses the time scale value from the MPEG-DASH client manifest, and also provides a way to generate the timecode for a given absolute time from the player (as well as provides the player absolute time given the timecode)
Playback Speed Demo Github This plugin enables viewers to control what speed they're watching their video at.** Please note, this functionality is automatically available in version AMP v2.0.0+ but disabled by default. To learn how to enable it, check out our samples here**
Hover Time Tip Demo Github Displays a time tip over the progress bar on mouse hover for time accurate seeking. Please note: This plugin is already integrated into AMP but if you're interested in seeing how it's programmed feel free to take a look.
Title Overlay Demo Github Overlays configurable video title over screen
Timeline Markers Demo Github This plugin takes in an array of times and overlays tiny markers over the progress bar at those times
Application Insights Blog Post Github Plugin that tracks your player metrics and ports it to Power BI for an intuitive graphical representation of your viewers' player experience
Google Analytics N/A Github Google Analytics plugin for Azure Media Player
Diagnostics Output Demo Github This plugin outputs an array of diagnostics from your player, to see it in action go to the demo link and open up your javascript console
Ease of Access
Zoom In Demo Github This plugin displays a drag-able zoom-in scale on the players screen so viewers can zoom in on your content
Live Captions Azure Blog Post,SubPly Post N/A see post for more info End to End workflow designed for live captioning built plugin for Azure Media Player, click on the left most lin to go to SubPly's site and learn more about the solution
Hot Keys Demo Github The hot keys plugin enables viewers to control various aspects of the player with generic plugin combinations like F for fullscreen, M for mute and arrow keys for progress bar control Please note: This plugin has been already integrated into AMP but feel free to use it as a resource
Share Demo Github This plugin adds a share button to the player's control bar so that your viewers can share the video they're watching with their friends via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin